lmao i wonder what would happen if i unblocked him from tumblr. 

ew snuffbomb is so gross???????wtf im really srry that happened 2 u but thank u for telling us that hes a fucking asshole i always knew that he was rlly rude but i just needed like a confirmation for this
ohh my god im looking through your posts on snuffbomb and eUGH. like,,, all i knew about him was smth involving him being shitty and getting kicked off voice-acting for 'The Seer' and that the laughing jack creepypastas were really overhyped but i never knew he was an actual trashbag. bless you for speaking up and out against him and i wish you luck on educating ppl about his shitty behavior. (PS: love ur art and ocs keep it up!!)
i remember snuff way b4 LJ became popular and did he just push his oc up when he became friends with u when u became friends with mrcp? I remember he tried self harming when he was in a fucking group Skype call when I was 13
Thank you for speaking out and saving me from becoming infatuated with the wrong man.

yes this is good.

please spread the word.

Thx comickit for saying all that stuff !

no problem !

i hope things get better for you sweetie <3

i just visited snuffbombs blog and all i can think of is "not ALL laughing jacks"


i deleted his number a long ass time ago and i get a number from a number with an 865 area code SO I LOOKED IT UP IT’S FROM KNOXVILLE 

i actually used to like snuffbomb, but then a bunch of drama came up and i unfollowed him. now im learning hes even more terrible than i could imagine. jerk is an understatement. thank you for saying all the things youve said.