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I’m noticing a pattern here (suicide tw)


Tena’s last few whiny posts about “YOU HATE BRONIES, YOU ARE EVUL” directed at comfemgem (and others) seem to repeatedly bring up Michael Morones and the other bullied male minor who attempted suicide/were bullied for being Bronies, and uses them as gross emotionally-manipulative tools to win her argument. Her argument is “you’re the kind of person who drives these children to suicide! How dare you! How can you live with yourself?”, thereby turning a minor child’s suicide attempt into something to make her argument look moire “legit” and shame people into silence. 

… but when the minor in question was Pinkiepony, she went out of her way to discredit her, to claim that her suicide attempt was fake, and repeatedly harassed/stalked her. Which, in fact, may have increased the likelihood that Pinkiepony would attempt suicide in the first place.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that in Tena’s eyes, Michael Morones was male and a “good” suicidal minor, and Pinkiepony was a teenage girl and therefore “bad”. Because when Michael attempted suicide, it was a ‘tragedy’ that Tena uses as a tool to shame people who legitimately criticize Bronies; when it was Pinkie, it was “attention whoring” and a “lie” that she continuously brings up to humiliate her, months and months later.

Tenaflyv1per only seems to take suicide attempts seriously when they can be used to benefit her.

I see you Tena, your misogyny is transparent as fuck.

Chase the wind and touch the sky.

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1977 My Unico Stickers (by branbran878)


1977 My Unico Stickers (by branbran878)




so my roommate melissa works part-time at a thrift shop pricing donations and she happened to come across this gem

and bought it for me because she is a good friend

it’s signed, framed and dated 1976

this is framed ot3 fanart from 1976

it is now hanging on the wall in our living room for everyone to see

life is full of so many wonders


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